Why Building Great Kids Tutoring Centers? Because we help kids succeed in school and life- GUARANTEED!

Every child deserves the best chance to succeed in school and life and that’s what “Building Great Kids” does – give kids the tools to succeed in every area of life.

With all the effort and money being poured into education, particularly intervention programs, in many areas we are still seeing a continued expansion of student achievement gaps and an alarming dropout rate in our schools. In the past, blame has been laid at the feet of teachers, administrators, districts and government for not providing, producing and delivering enough of virtually everything. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your point of view) government is not to blame for this worldwide phenomenon.

We believe that the problem is not with our teachers, schools, administrators, districts or even government. We believe that the core problem with our schooling system is the inability to effectively help our students close their educational skill gaps.

Are educational skill gaps a new phenomenon?

No! Students have always developed achievement gaps due to a range of reasons: moving from school to school, curriculum sequencing that is different from school to school or even teacher to teacher, students missing school due to sickness etc.

Student Study
NCLB was and is a good concept. However, in order to satisfy its mandated benchmarks it created problems. It changed school operational procedures from focusing on student academic proficiency to scoring outcomes-focused programs and procedures. This produced an end result of teaching to the test – trying to ensure satisfying specific outcomes.

How do you know your child may need help? If…

  • Your child’s teacher or school personnel tell you that your son is a day-dreamer, a class clown, or acts out; is discussing retention; or suggest that your child should be classified.
  • Your child avoids or refuses to do homework; has difficulty preparing for tests or writing that term paper; gets poor grades on tests or report cards; is lacking confidence or motivation; gives up easily; or is disorganized.
  • Your child is or becomes quiet or withdrawn; is angry; changes behavior; or has a new set of friends who concern you.

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